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RATANPUR - The old capital of the Chhattisgarh state - Ratanpur, is situated approximately 25 km away from Bilaspur hqrs. on Katghora Road . According to the local people , it had an important place in all four Yugas.

As per its tourism importance, there is an old fort which is till date in good condition. There is good attractive old sculpture on the stone over the frame of Ganesha gate. On the frame of this gate Idols of River Ganga-Jamuna can be seen. On entrance are glimpses of the Tandav Dance of Lord Shivji and statue of Brahma and Vishnu.

MALLHAR - (Saravpur) Once open a time the Saravpur was the Capital of ancient Chhattishgarh. It is approximately 14 Km. away from Masturi block on the route of Bilaspur- Raigarh. At this place remains have been found of the period dated approx. 1000 BC. The temples of 10th and 11th century can also be seen here. Among these Pataleshwar Kedar temple is one of them where Gaumukhi Shiv ling is the main site of attraction. The Didneswari temple is also present here. Artistic idols can be seen in Deor temple. At this place, there is museum having good collection of old sculpture being managed by Central Govt.

TALAGRAM - Talagram is famous for "Deorani-Jethani" temple and is situated approx. 25 Kms. from Bilaspur on Bhojpur-Dagori road. The another name of Talagram is Ameri-kapa gram. There is a wonderful statue present in the temple which is approx. 7 ft. high, 4 ft. wide and weighs around 8 tons. People from all corners of the world come to see the statue. No name has been given to that statue even after several years.

KUTHAGHAT - It is basically a dam located approx. 10 Kms. from Ratanpur. It is surrounded with forest and hills. There is a rest house near to that dam. It is a natural tourist point.

BELPAN - It is situated appx. 11 Kms. from Takhatpur. It is famous for a big pond (kund) and samadhi.

KABIR Chobutara - It is situated in Gourella Block and approx. 41 Kms. from Bilaspur. It is a place of saints and mahatma.


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