Kanan Pendari small zoo Bilasa Tal

Bilasa Tal

The Bilasa Tal is situated on Bilaspur- Ratanpur road and it is 3 Kms. from Bilaspur city. The Bilsa Tal is beside the central university Guru Ghasi Das University Bilaspur.

Bilasa Tal

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Kanan Pendari

Bilaspur is famous for Kanan Pendari Zoo Park. It is a small zoo situated near Sakari, approx 10 kms.from Bilaspur on Mungeli Road. City transport for commuters is provided by Bilaspur City Bus Ltd. The company runs buses on 4 routes across the length and breadth of the city.

kanan pendari bilaspur

Kanan Pendari Zoo Park Birds

Lion in kanan pendari

peacock in kanan pendari bilaspur